the what what? /

well, the what what, in this case - is the "whatever"-site for niclas bergström. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a very straight forward, orange, site with text on it. Also - links to twitter, tumblr and all that cr*p.

say huh? /

yeah. I make sites for friends for free. I'm not awesome - and it's probably pretty low-level stuff, but I like doing it. and it's fun. "like it" and "fun" is basically equal in this case, but what the h*ll - english is not my native language so I can get away with it.

For example, I made this for my friend Simon. And this for me and my friend Daniels music-video-posting-blog-tumblr-thing. it's pretty awesome - you should check it out.

what else? /

well - I tweet and stuff. And I run a forum of sorts. and sometimes, when I'm bored - I take photos with my camera and upload them to instagram.